Balancing this world and the hereafter

Balancing this world and the hereafter

What do we do when we are too concerned with only one part of our lives?

If we are obsessed with our looks, we might spend more time at the gym, always be concerned about makeup/hair, try new diets, worry about our wardrobes…

If we are obsessed with our kids, we might spend every waking moment keeping them entertained and happy, and worry about their every need…

If we are obsessed with going to the masjid/center, we might pray the jama’at namaz every day, take part in every program, volunteer every chance we get, and worry about what is going on or not going on at the masjid/center…

While each of these “obsessions” are valid, it signifies a huge problem prevalent in our communities today. We fail to balance our deen with the dunya, and that, unfortunately, can be detrimental in our journey to becoming a complete human being.

No one can be successful by focusing fully on only one facet of their lives. This is why the Islamic code for our lives — if followed correctly — really does serve as a way of life.

Nowhere in Islam does it recommend not caring for our bodies, or always being concerned with praying at the masjid. But yes, in Islam, God is the focal point. If we do everything in our lives with the intention of pleasing the Almighty, then it helps us put our actions into perspective.

You will see parents who refuse to give their children sugary drinks or snacks. But they might not be so concerned if they pray or not. They worry so much about what is going in their stomaches, but what about their spiritual health?

It is the same with those of us concerned with working out or always worried about looking our best. If we are just spending that time at the gym or putting on makeup, what is the intention? And although working out and maintaining a healthy body is a responsibility of every Muslim, is it necessary to post pictures of our bulging biceps? Or selfies with painted pouts?

And those of us who only focus on our religious obligations without concern of our place in this world. No, a person cannot just be concerned with prayers and not working to maintain a livelihood to support his family. Or

As Muslims we have a responsibility to live our lives with a purpose. This means everything we do should have a reason – what we say, what we eat, who we associate with, how we spend our free time, etc.

To some this may come as a form of dictatorship. But once we understand that our responsibility to please Allah goes hand in hand with leading a life of peace and tranquility, then it will be easier to live a life of purpose.

“Avoid speaking until there is reasonable occasion. Those who enter into useless talk, even if expressing truth, are found reprehensible.” – Imam Hussain