The winding road of Chalus

The winding road of Chalus

Took a nice road trip with a few families to the north, or shomal, of Iran this past weekend. We visited the Roudkhan Castle in Fouman and stayed in Chamkhaleh.

The kids especially enjoyed their dip in the Caspian Sea, and making sand castles with friends. 

But perhaps one of the best parts of the trip was driving back home through the Alborz mountain range in Chalus. The Chalus River goes through the range and ends at the Caspian Sea. 

The winding road gave way to scenic views of the rushing river, snow capped mountains, and lush greenery. 

All along the road, there were chai stops, fruit sellers, restaurants, hotels, etc. We were supposed to stop for famous shomali ice cream, but it was too crowded.

But we did make a stop at the aash kadeh for a warm and yummy bowl of aash. 

Aash in the mountains, anyone?


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