‘Why are you celebrating Iran’s Independence Day?’

‘Why are you celebrating Iran’s Independence Day?’

Today is the 22nd of Bahman (Feb. 11) and it’s the anniversary of the Iranian Revolution. Today marks 37 years that a country took back their land from the claws of monarchy. 

As a family we took part in the rahpaymah, or procession, celebrating Iran’s independence from the rule of the Shah. It was an interesting Independence Day celebration, to say the least. 

In America I remember Independence Day to mean parades, floats, and relaxation. But here in Iran, it’s a time to declare independence from oppressors. 

Some might argue that the chants are outdated. Why “Death to America?” Why “Death to Israel?” Why be so hostile? 

It’s not easy for a country to forget the meddling of America in its business. When Iran’s democratically-elected leader was overthrown, with help from the CIA, how can one not be hostile? When the Shah was put in and essentially turned the country to fit his desires, how can a people forget? 

Sure Iran has its own domestic issues. What country doesn’t? But by refusing outside meddling it has essentially declared its sovereignty. 

After leaving the procession we stopped by to get some food, and the owner asked my husband if we attended the procession. 

When my husband said ‘yes,’ the owner asked, “Why? You’re a foreigner and this is for Iranians.” 

My husband told him that outsiders see the fruits of the revolution more clearly than Iranians. You don’t appreciate what you have here, he said. 

There are plenty of outside forces trying to dismantle the Iranian government. And, no surprise, some are funded by Western regimes. 

The owner was surprised and said “Really? Is our revolution that important?”

Sanctions might have hurt Iran, but they forced Iran to build from within. They are doing pretty much everything on their own, even with sanctions. Look at other countries who are under the influence of the West? They aren’t very far ahead. 

This proves that self-reliance and faith in God will help you keep your dignity. I for one can definitely see the effects of this loyalty. 


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