Tafreeh in Tehran 

Tafreeh in Tehran 

We went to Tehran for tafreeh, or fun, the other day with some friends and enjoyed exploring the Aab va Atash Park in Abbasabad. 

The park has a food court with about five restaurants, including a cafe and a dessert place. We had lunch together, prayed Zohr and Asr and then went towards Tabiat Bridge.

The park is on one side of the bridge, which has three levels, a restaurant, reading room and a beautiful view of Damavand Mountains. 

We crossed the bridge with the kids and went to Taleghani Park on the other side, where we were greeted by the Iranian flag flying gracefully in the wind. At the park we let the kids play and enjoy the wonderful weather. 

From Taleghani Park we went down to street level to visit the Holy Defence Museum. But we just stayed outside. Outside the museum were pictures of soldiers going to war. We saw beautiful young faces smiling and it made my heart hurt. I was reminded of that passion one feels for striving in the way of Allah. How could they leave their families? How could they take on this responsibility? I only pray Allah gives me such faith. 

Soon the weather became cooler and we started back toward our cars. On the way back through Aab va Atash Park, we stopped at Gap Noosh at the food court to have ice cream. It was like a Dairy Queen Blizzard with pieces of (real) Kit Kat, Oreos and M&Ms. A generous cup (two could share easily) cost about 10 tomans. 

Looking forward to discovering more interesting places around Tehran!


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