110V/220V illiterate

110V/220V illiterate

I was always bad at math. I hate adding things in my head. I get flustered when I am out shopping and have to figure out how much change I am getting back. I literally spend a few minutes in line calculating slowly so I am ready when it is my turn. And don’t even ask me to figure out a percentage. It’s a lost cause.

You laugh, but it is true. Just like some people are bad with words, I am bad with numbers. And I am also bad at figuring out this voltage issue since coming to Qom.

I was so used to just plugging things in and not worrying about adapters or converters, etc. The first time we moved here we burned out a battery charger and a rice cooker. I kid you not.

Now it’s been 3 years and I still have to ask my husband whether I am plugging things in the right way.

He has tried to explain it to me, and it makes sense when he says it. But when I have to do it myself, I start double guessing and over thinking, and end up with a burned out Magic Bullet.

Yes, I did. I killed my Magic Bullet. And all because I plugged it in to the 220V outlet on the converter instead of the 110V one.

It all made sense in my head, and I turned it on to make hummus and after one whirr, it died. Converter, and all.

The silver lining? That now I really understand what I am supposed to do.


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