First days of school

First days of school

As a mom one of the most hardest things to do is let go of your little one as they start school for the first time.

It is the moment when you have to let them take their own steps into this world and pray that it is relatively easy for them.

My eldest had started preschool in Houston, but since we left in the fall, she only went for about 2 months. She had a little practice going by herself but she would give me trouble every day and even faked a stomachache one time.

Needless to say I was genuinely worried when we came to Qom. I knew I had to get my daughter acclimated to school and learning Farsi, so she would start fitting in slowly. But this was a totally different language than she was used to, and she was also having a bad case of homesickness.

The first few days were very hard, for both of us. We were living close enough to the school that I could walk her to and from, so I liked that. Each day I would try to encourage FZ and build up her confidence, but as soon as we reached the door she would almost be in tears leaving me. And I would almost be in tears leaving her! I could just picture my girl listening to Farsi from the teacher and the kids, and feeling overwhelmed, misunderstood and lost.

We were blessed to have a relatively good school experience with FZ. Her first school, Madressa Qurani Saqalain was very good. The teachers were very helpful and kind to FZ, knowing she was new and not a Farsi speaker. They were gentle with her and organized. Every day the teacher would fill in a notebook letting me know what was going on in school.

Slowly FZ got the hang of the language and the routine. And then we moved to our own place. We were still close to the school but I was expecting my son and it was getting harder to walk, plus I had Marium with me. So my husband started the service. Essentially it’s a car that picks up your child. The first few days were hard for FZ. She would leave the house with her small face pressed to the window and sad eyes. But after a week or so, she was set.

In fact I found myself crying the first day she happily bounced into the car all by herself. My little girl was going to be OK. Thank you God, thank you so much.

And the rest is history.


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