Busy at the bustaan

Busy at the bustaan

One wonderful thing my kids noticed right away after moving to Qom was the abundance of bustaans, or parks. FZ would see a playgym a mile away and ask if we could go there “next time.” Of course since we moved to Qom in the fall/winter season, it was always hard to make it out during the cold months. But once the weather got better, small family trips to the park were a welcome treat from being home all the time.

The first time I left Qom for a visit back home was 4 months after I first moved. I came back 7 months later and it was fall again. But the Western students group held an Eid al-Adha barbecue at Bustaan e Alavi, and the kids got a chance to roam freely.

Qom has its share of nice big parks, and even small parks with a simple playgym/slide and some exercise equipment. If you are new here be sure to check out Bustaan e Alavi, Bustaan e Ghadir, and Bustaan e Najmeh.

And for the ladies, Bustaan e Narges is a ladies-only park, complete with a bouncy slide and trampoline. Not to mention a velodrome for cycling and/or rollerblading. There is also a pool. I really like Bustaan e Narges’ size and amenities. There is also a shop outside the park called Golshahr, which carries a variety of things, Iranian and khariji (foreign).

Not to mention it’s the kids’ favorite thing to do after a park outing – go to the store, get some ice cream and relax.


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